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Wound Care

Zarcone Vein & Aesthetics

John Zarcone, MD

Vein & Aesthetic Specialist located in Port Washington, NY & Staten Island, NY

Slow-healing ulcers caused by vascular problems seldom heal on their own. Instead, they get progressively worse and need expert wound care to prevent serious complications. At Zarcone Vein & Aesthetics, John Zarcone, MD, provides comprehensive wound care, including advanced dressings and treatment for your underlying vascular condition. At the earliest sign of a vascular ulcer, call one of the offices in Port Washington or Staten Island, New York, or book an appointment online.

Wound Care

When do I need wound care?

You need wound care when you have a non-healing wound, a problem that’s often caused by:

Venous ulcers

Venous ulcers, also called venous stasis ulcers, develop when damaged valves in your leg veins prevent blood from flowing up your legs and back to your heart. Instead, the blood pools in the veins in your lower legs, gradually forcing fluids to leak into the surrounding tissues.

As fluids leak out of the vein, the affected area becomes inflamed, swollen, and the skin turns dark red or purplish-blue. Your skin may also become dry and itchy. Eventually, an open sore or venous ulcer develops.

Diabetic ulcers

Diabetes causes non-healing ulcers when high blood sugar damages nerves and blood vessels. As a result, two problems occur. First, you lose feeling in your feet and don’t notice small cuts, blisters, or sores. And second, poor circulation prevents minor wounds from healing, so they turn into an ulcer.

What symptoms indicate I need wound care?

Poor blood circulation significantly slows down healing. It can take venous and diabetic ulcers twice as long to heal compared to a typical wound. In most cases, the ulcer won’t improve without treatment.

The longer your ulcer goes without wound care, the larger it becomes, and the higher your risk of an infection rises.

These symptoms appear when you have a severe wound problem:

  • Thick, yellowish drainage
  • Chronic swelling or redness
  • Ongoing fever
  • Foul odor
  • Pain that doesn’t improve or gets worse
  • Redness spreading out from the wound
  • Dark color around the wound’s edges

If you develop any of these symptoms, immediately schedule a wound care appointment at Zarcone Vein & Aesthetics.

What wound care services will I receive?

The team at Zarcone Vein & Aesthetics provides comprehensive, personalized outpatient wound care for minor and more significant non-healing open wounds, venous stasis ulcers, and diabetic ulcers. Their wound care services include:

  • Wound cleaning (debridement)
  • Specialized dressings
  • Compression therapy
  • Medications

You may need topical or systemic antibiotics to treat a bacterial infection. In some cases, Dr. Zarcone may prescribe medication to improve blood flow.

In addition to treating your wound, Dr. Zarcone also addresses the underlying condition. For example, varicose veins often cause chronic venous insufficiency leading to venous ulcers. Dr. Zarcone may eliminate your varicose veins with an ambulatory microphlebectomy or an endovenous laser treatment. 

To get expert help for non-healing wounds, call Zarcone Vein & Aesthetics or book an appointment online today.